Country Music? In New York City?

You might ask why we’re so obsessed with country music.  The truth is, we don’t have a great answer.

Country music is universal…it’s extensive and impactful, it’s present but also timeless.  No matter where you are or what you’re feeling, there’s a country tune out there waiting to speak directly to you.  If you’re already a country fan, you’d most likely agree.

But if you’re not, it’s possible you think country music is all beers, jeans, and trucks, no? (Disclosure: Some of it is, and those are the most fun!)

However, for every stereotype-inducing song that exists, dozens more exist that are gripping, profound, and everlasting — lyrical and tangible on more levels than one.  Like other genres, country music releases songs and albums that deal with relationships and heartbreak, hard work and living life, nostalgia and celebration. And the list goes on.

Occasionally the sessions are about partying and having fun, and often times they’re about dealing with hardship and loss. Like life, country music evokes a wide range of emotions.

Looking at today’s country music, at no time in the past has the industry ever been as inclusive of cross-genre sounds and varieties in its musicianship as it is today. The modern era of country music has no boundaries, and all ideas and specialities are welcome.

So from a personal standpoint, no matter what you’re doing and what you’re feeling, there are country music singers, songwriters, and musicians around the world doing the same thing and feeling the same way.  And we can guarantee they’ve written songs about it.

Join us on this wild ride as we experience all that country music has to offer.

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