Release Row – Christopher J. Essex Rewinds The Clock On Country

Somehow moving both forward and backward in time, rising star Christopher J. Essex’s debut single “Swipe Right On Me” beautifully pairs modern themes with nostalgic sounds.

Even if dating apps had existed in the ’50s, this song’s sheer drive would catch the ear of any passive listener and encourage the most static of dancefloor attendees to move and groove.

Jumpstarted with its jarring left-stereo intro that perfectly readies the runway for Essex’s warm and welcoming vocals, “Swipe Right On Me” cleverly superimposes the present-day unpredictable world of both online dating and mobile phone depedence over the clean and structured honkytonk sound of decades past; this duality of a Tinder-twister creates a form of entertainment totally unique yet confident in its own right.

Hailing from Florida, Essex is now based full-time in Nashville, TN.

Originally from Fort Lauderdale, FL but recently having spent years living in Pittsburgh, Chicago, New York, and even some time overseas as a contracted performer on travelling cruise ships, Essex is now proud to be a full-time resident of Nashville as he embarks on his upcoming journey in country music. His career, from the sound of it, promises music full of both energy and experimentation, an addictive combination that we’ll keep coming back to. *Swipe right!*

Essex putting his trademark spin of range-driven vocals over Tenille Townes’ hit song, “Somebody’s Daughter”.

Listen to all of Christopher J. Essex’s music and connect with him at the links below.

Website // Spotify // Facebook // Instagram // 

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