Release Row — Rayne Johnson Steps On the Gas With “Front Seat”

A featured performer on CMT Artist Discovery and boasting close to 2MM streams on Spotify, Southwestern Ohio native Rayne Johnson is paving a smooth and glimmering path into the country music scene. A kick of pop country topped off with a touch of R&B, Rayne’s first three song releases emphasize his unique voice through their musical versatility.

Johnson’s latest single, “Front Seat”, examines chivalry in the modern day and works to emphasize the importance of being polite and courteous. Over brushed piano chords and a steady backbeat, Johnson’s vocals explode with passion and persistence. 

In an interview with Johnson last week he was quick to detail the song’s background from his point of view. “‘Front Seat’ is a product of guys in a room writing, and talking about chivalry,” Johnson reflects. “And it’s not to isolate any guy [in particular]…but for any young men that are growing up.”

As a father himself, Johnson liked the idea of working both good manners and treating people with respect into his writing, and admits that the social media outreach in response to the song’s release has been amazing.

A foreshadowing of his upcoming debut full-length album out this summer, Johnson’s latest single “Front Seat” continues to strengthen a discography that excels in its adaptability and promises large successes on the horizon.

Catch the new music video for “Front Seat” only on CMT here and follow Rayne Johnson at the sites below.

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