Flash Feature! Brooks Dixon Strikes Gold With Groovy Debut Album

Released on Dec. 6th, 2019, Pocketful of Dreams marks both many firsts and the first of many. As the initial full-length album from Brooks Dixon himself plus the first album with his entire band together in the studio, Dreams writes the start of the next chapter for a band as timeless as their are young. Like the soundtrack to a country-themed coffeehouse tucked into a corner on Bourbon Street, Dixon’s Dreams indelibly showcases the band’s talent and vivacity in each of the album’s nine songs.

Dixon, who has been releasing solo, acoustic-driven EPs for roughly half a decade, is the first to recognize the previous disconnect between his early, more subdued records and the lively, palpitating energy his live shows have come to represent. Collaborating with his band on- and offstage for more than four years, Dixon is well-accustomed to the live music vibrancy his fans have come to expect and as a result understood the need to deliver a rocking, shaking, and quaking 31 minutes of musical momentum on the band’s debut composition.

Pocketful of Dreams’ opening number, “Hurricane”, was released as a single in 2019.

It’s always a little strange;” says Dixon, “we sometimes have people wanting to book our band and they say something like they just love the violin part on Roses ([which is] one of [our] folk songs), or something like that. We’ve been wanting to capture our true live show for years, and it ultimately just took taking a few steps back from playing to finally get it done”.

Reminiscing on the time prior to recording, however, Dixon remembers the year 2018 being nothing short of chaotic thanks to the handful of life changes experienced by various band members simultaneously. Between marriages, health scares, and bandmate changes, the months leading up to the album’s recording were a hectic and uncertain time for the crew.

I was playing music all over the south east, not getting enough sleep, working a full time engineering job, and to make it all worse: eating horribly” says Dixon. “That was a real wake up call that I needed more balance in my life, and that something needed to change.

The album cover for the December release, Pocketful of Dreams.

Fast-forward twelve months to the second half of 2019 and the band felt ready to hit the studio with a reinforced set of members and a refreshingly new set of songs. These new tracks, added to a few of the band’s classic hits, are what comprise Pocketful of Dreams, an album that effortlessly combines old-school brass and new-school guitar while effectively blending soothing sax and polished percussion.

Performed by Brooks Dixon (Vocals, Guitar), Sara Middleton (Vocals), Shane Byler (Drums), Ross Krieg (Saxaphone), Jake Watson (Bass, & Trombone), Aaron Bowen (Keys) and Jacob Johnson (Guitar), Pocketful of Dreams should be next up on your playlist.

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