Release Row — New York Folk Music Pulsates With Dante Mazzetti

In the spirit of his childhood heroes Bob Dylan and Otis Redding, folk singer Dante Mazzetti has stories to offer and a compelling voice through which to offer them. On his latest Hotel, Vol. 1 EP, released today, Mazzetti once again puts forth a collection that excels in both its honesty and its simplicity.

Mazzetti, while based in New York City, creates tonally pleasant and subdued harmonies that have unwavering endurance, representative of the city where they are created.

Dante Mazzetti performing “Breaking in the Sun”, live at City Vineyard in early 2019.

Having performed as an opening act for the likes of Ben Folds and Guster, Mazzetti often acts as a multi-instrumentalist one-man-band while performing; he is also frequently found contributing as a charitable performer at events linked to organizations like Broadway Cares and the FDNY.

On the new EP’s previously-released single “Hey Now”, Mazzetti’s voice shines through a brisk backyard chord progression and creates a self-reflective atmosphere only experienced by a seasoned musician. And just prior to the one minute mark, the tune takes a masterful turn towards an upbeat chorus that seamlessly employs Mazzetti’s ability to connect music to emotion.

Mazzetti performing live at the Hotel, Vol. 1 release show. Carroll Place, NYC. July 2019.

Professionally mixed and mastered by award-winning engineers Oscar Zambrano and Adam Sussman, Hotel, Vol. 1, is available today on all platforms and features four meticulously crafted folk songs.

Catch up with Dante Mazzetti and start listening to Hotel, Vol. 1 at the links below.

Website // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // Bandcamp // Soundcloud // Spotify // YouTube

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