Release Row – Amanda Rheaume’s “The Skin I’m In”

In the spirit of the new year and more recently Valentine’s Day, country roots musician Amanda Rheaume gifts music lovers a powerful single about a sense of community through self-acceptance. As the tenacious title track to her latest album release, “The Skin I’m In” is an uplifting ode to self-appreciation and finding strength in one’s own body and mind.

With glistening guitars and a pulsating rhythm section, the release serves as the long-awaited acceptance of Ottawa-based singer-songwriter Rheaume of her own persona.

The title track of Rheaume’s 2019 EP, “The Skin I’m In” inspires breathing deep and loving deeper.

Admittedly feeling caught up in stereotypes for the majority her life, Rheaume reveals that her current outlook for 2019 revolves around self-awareness and overcoming past feelings of loneliness and disconnect; by being aware of her differences and accepting herself for who she is, she finally feels the ability to channel both her fears and joys through music, sharing them with listeners around the world.

““The Skin I’m In,” my new single, was inspired by the idea that, as humans, we have so much to battle against… body norms, mental health struggles, societal norms, gender norms. Taking steps to feeling safe and solid in your own body and skin is hard, but it is possible with the right people around you.  No one deserves to feel less than, or unwanted, or ashamed of themselves. “

Rheaume’s open dialogue throughout the song tells a story of rebirth and revival; feeling the burden of stereotypes for years, she is now willing to persist against her doubts and overcome negativity. With this latest choral confession she hopes to create a sense of belonging for those in need and in doing so establish an open dialogue about the necessity for creating a love-centric community, a process which can only begin by first establishing a love for one’s own self.

Amanda Rheaume’s new album, The Skin I’m In, is now officially available in North America and will be available throughout Europe beginning on March 22. Catch up with Amanda at the links below and find out when you can see her on tour at her website here.

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