Driving, familiar, and yet unmistakeable, Ontario-based Hayley Verrall’s recent February release, “I Guess That’s Love” highlights everything pop country does best. The subdued electric-acoustic guitar intro steadily building through the pre-chorus before splashing down into the chorus will have you foot tapping and looking up the lyrics by the time it turns over into verse number two.

And as Verrall attests, her career inspiration deriving from of some of country music’s strongest singer-songwriter-performers in Shania Twain and Miranda Lambert makes it’s unsurprising that this latest track’s lyrics come off just as strong and compelling as the underlying music itself. Co-written by Verrall, Matthew Teed and Shawn Moore, “I Guess That’s Love” breaks down the path that love can take through the eyes of its songwriters and delivers a message as pure and uplifting as Verrall’s voice would exist on its own.

Produced by Moore as well, the track feels wholly at home on any Sunday drive highway playlist and will hopefully serve as just one song of a larger project we’d hope to see from Verrall in the future.

Listen to all of Verrall’s music and connect with her at the links below.

Website // Spotify // Facebook // Instagram // YouTube

In addition to building a career in the music space, Verrall works to build a non-profit near-and-dear to her heart called, “Singing For Smiles”. SFS is a charitable organization that organizes country music performances for elderly residents at nursing homes across Canada for the purpose of sharing the love that Verrrall herself has for country music. Read more about SFS’s work at her site HERE.

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