Monday Hero #15 – Dierks Bentley

Greetings and Happy Monday!

Now that it officially feels like summer up here in NYC we’re leaving y’all with an article featuring one of our favorite warm-weather singer-songwriters.  Born in Arizona, this cactus-child country hitmaker has paved his own path across America throughout his life and has undoubtedly made his mark on the country music scene over the past decade plus. Coming off of his latest full-length record The Mountain written and recorded primarily in the mountains of Colorado, our #MondayHero15 is currently touring around the nation impressing fans at festivals, amphitheaters and arenas alike.  With his deep, gravelly voice and authentically relatable personality, Dierks Bentley is our fifteenth featured frontman.

At this point in his career, Dierks is a country institution. With nine full-length major label record releases under his belt and enough hairstyles to count on two hands, he has been creating hit songs and entertaining audiences in the spotlight since the mid-2000s. Having spent chapters of his life living in Arizona, Indiana, Vermont, New Jersey, and eventually Tennessee, Bentley has songs in his discography that speak to fans from all different walks of life.

The first half of his discography, which includes records like Long Trip Home (2006) and Feel That Fire (2009), showcases a wide array of versatile songs and styles, most of which were co-written by Bentley and would lead him to nationwide recognition.  His more recent albums, including this month’s thirteen-track release, The Mountain, feature a mixed bag of both songs written by Bentley and as well as those he has adopted from other songwriters.  Even still, some of his biggest hits to date stem from his more recent albums and they continue to portray his ability to connect with his instruments, his environment, and his audience on a spiritual level through songwriting.

Born Frederick Dierks Bentley (as reported by Glamour back in 2015), he explains that it had been a long-standing family tradition to adopt a middle name as a first name, and so since his childhood he’s been referred to as Dierks. Later on in his early years (after meeting his future would-be wife Cassidy in the eighth grade), he had relocated around the country to various high schools and colleges, continuously developing a love for country music and finally graduating from Vanderbilt University in Nashville.

Eventually rewarded for his songwriting talents and signature warmth-soaked voice, he was given a record deal with Capitol Records and released his debut LP, 2003’s Dierks Bentley. Now a decade a a half later, with a growing family, super dedicated fans, and numerous headlining tours under his belt, Bentley’s name fits comfortably into the upper echelon of country superstars of recent memory.

His latest album is an inspirational compilation of nature-focused and self-reflective ballads that touches on love, living, and everything in between.

Listen to The Mountain and the rest of Dierks’ greatest hits at the R&B NYC Dierks Bentley playlist on Spotify, and catch up with Dierks at these links below!

Website  —  Facebook  —  Instagram  —  Twitter   —  Spotify

Plus, check out a sneak peek of Dierks performing one of his newest songs, “Living” from his Mountain High Tour rolling across America this summer!


– Rhythm & Boots NYC

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