Release Row — 17 Memphis Moves Forward With “Wrong Way”

The latest single from country-pop duo (and Friday Find #13) 17 Memphis, “Wrong Way” was released to streaming platforms this Friday and serves as the pair’s first single since 2018’s “Love Out Loud”.

17 Memphis, the brainchild of the real-life couple that is singer-songwriter Chelsea Todd and multi-platinum hip-hop and EDM producer Felix Snow, has a signature sound employing upbeat synth chords and euphoric melodies which emphasize the conversational yet powerful vocal balance between the two singers.

As the third and fourth singles released since the inaugural 17 Memphis EP Three Coors & The Truth in the Spring of 2018, the rhythm-heavy and chorus-driven “Wrong Way” and the subtly euphoric “Strangers” suggests a new album may be on the horizon.

Stream “Wrong Way” and “Strangers” below and catch up with 17 Memphis at the following links.

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