Release Row — Catherine MacLellan Returns With Style and Grace For Upcoming Coyote LP

After a brief hiatus, accomplished singer-songwriter and lyrical purist Catherine MacLellan is back with the first two singles leading to her upcoming LP, COYOTE, due out this fall. A corporeal experience from start to finish, the music of MacLellan comes in soft, smooth waves and feels like an eternal embrace to the body and mind.

A native of Prince Edward Island, MacLellan grew up around music; having released five full-length, original albums throughout her career, she once more delivers the familiar earthy and ethereal tones present throughout her prior discography on the latest release, “Out Of Time/Waiting On My Love”.

The daughter of legendary songwriter Gene MacLellan, Catherine has spent the last few years honoring her late father’s legacy by both recording and releasing his greatest hits in her own voice and also producing the award-winning documentary, The Song and the Sorrow, in his honor.

“It’s been an important time for me, bringing my father’s life story and music back into the world. I’ve learned a lot about myself and who he was. I’m ready, though, to get back to my own path and to bring these [new] songs into the world. They’ve been waiting for me.”

Once again working on her solo career as a folk singer-songwriter MacLellan is perpetually channeling the acoustic identity of her father through her reflective and optimistic new project. Recorded in her home studio in Prince Edward Island, COYOTE will be available to the public on October 11, 2019 with more upcoming singles slated to debut prior to the album release.

Half of MacLellan’s latest release, “Out of Time/Waiting On My Love”.

To find out more about MacLellan, read her artist profile here, and catch up with her at the below links.

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