Release Row — Kylie Trout Shares Reflective New Single “Can’t Remember Growing Up”

Award-winning rising star in country Kylie Trout releases her latest single — the solemn yet earnest “Can’t Remember Growing Up” — to both mourn and celebrate her childhood for its hardships and lasting motivations.

Co-written with Jason Hamor and produced in Nashville by Bill McDermott Productions, the new single retells Trout’s childhood experiences through her own lens and though only sixteen years old, she shows wisdom and strength beyond her years.

“My biological mother was abusive towards me when I was young to the point where she was only allowed to see me with supervised visitations….My dad would take me to the park and we would wait for her for hours on end, to only be let down time after time. Being a little kid, I was optimistic and would pray for things to change, but they never did.

Narrating her story in her own words, Trout has also released a brief documentary-style clip to publicize her thoughts on her childhood and the last impact it has had on her today. If nothing else, she implies, she hopes that at least one person is brightened by her new song and feels less alone in their world.

Kylie Trout conveys a lasting message about her childhood through a short film clip.

Since releasing the clip, Trout has received more than enough positive feedback to make the effort valuable; she hopes to continue spreading and receiving optimistic messages to and from her fans in the near and distant future.


“Releasing this video was super nerve-wracking because I never post about my personal life or problems on social media.  I realized I had to do it because I really want to help others in similar situations….I wasn’t sure what kind of response I might get, but I’m so incredibly glad I did. So many people — strangers even, contacted me and told me stories of their childhood. My goal was to help these people, but honestly they are the ones that have helped me. I’m so grateful for the response this video got and….I pray others can connect with it and that it continues to help.” –


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