Friday Find #1 – Drugstore Gypsies

Here we go, folks, the first official Friday Find. Y’all are really going to like this one…these guys are sure to ignite your fuse and blow the roof clean off of your weekend plans. The band is called Drugstore Gypsies, and they are an absolute party in denim.  It’s 70’s southern rock meets 80’s punk rock meets 90’s honkytonk, and the amps are cranked to ten.  (Not to mention they also somehow pack blues, metal, and country feeling into their 10-song loaded-up debut album.)  

Comprised of Duke, Dillan, Korey, Rey, and John, the Drugstore Gypsies blend guitars, bass, percussion, keys, and a three-piece horn section to serve up a harmony sweeter than the best barbecue sauce in the South… and more abrasive than that last shot of Jack D in the bottle.  If I had to guess, I’d say their live shows serve better in a rodeo saloon than anywhere else, but hearing these guys in any setting would probably make you want to quit your job, pick up a guitar, and rock ‘til you drop.  Check out their music video for “Breakin’ The Law” below to get a better understanding of the attitude and character this group produces; what you’ll see surely won’t disappoint you.

Going track-by-track through their new record, Drugstore Gypsies, it’s impossible not to hear the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Lynyrd Skynyrd, AC/DC, Big & Rich, Poison, and the Rolling Stones at some point in the mix…if not all at once.  These guys are the real deal.  And, while they may not be considered the most “country” by traditional standards, they serve to argue that not all country music is beer bottles, blue britches, and bass drums like it is in so much of today’s top country hits.  This band conveys the nitty-gritty persona of classic country-western music, while still sounding young and modern.  All in all, very impressive stuff coming out of this southern soirée.

No matter what kind of music you listen to, this fivesome will shake up your stereo and put some java in your coffee cup.  So let it be known…if you’re feeling drowsy after a long Thursday night, or if you’re absolutely amped up for a big weekend, search for the Drugstore Gypsies on your favorite music streaming service and press play as soon as possible.  Or, take the Drugstore Gypsies route, and buy the physical album from their website.  

If this is only their first album, I can’t even imagine the explosivity of whatever these guys decide to release next.  Keep your eyes peeled and your loved ones warned, the Drugstore Gypsies are here, feared, and in need of a beer.
Let’s take a closer look…

  1. Drugstore Gypsy

— This track starts the record off blazing hot at 100 miles per hour.  With conventional honkytonk percussion, the driving power chords and energetic guitar fills are sure to get you out of your seat and onto the dance floor.  Seemingly a lyrical autobiography of the band’s nomadic life up to this point, this opening record is vivacious, colorful, and talent-driven, basically defining the band’s personality from the get-go.

  1. Breakin’ the Law

— With an AC/DC-esque guitar doing the shake and shuffle over drummer Rey’s traditional 4-to-the-floor kick drum, this number gets the people going.  Not to mention the backup horn section that perfectly supports the ferocity and attitude of Duke’s vocals.  This is country music with stark attitude and sex appeal, and oh yeah, a completely unexpected blues scale ending.

  1. Live the Life

— If Lynyrd Skynyrd met the E Street band in the ‘70s and put out a collaboration album, this would be the lead single.  Perfectly blending gulf shore blues rock and the Jersey Shore full-band ensemble, this track is meant to be played at a loud volume.  Turn that knob all the way to the right and enjoy with a glass of cold Bud Light.

  1. Runnin’ To

— As their most popular song on Spotify, this crooner ballad brings a softer side to a band that can otherwise melt your face off.  As the singer yearns for the love of his life, the band plays a cleaner guitar sound with a heart-wrenching solo during the bridge.  Think Axl Rose and Slash performing G’n’R’s “November Rain”, while at the Texas State Fair. This is rock n’ roll meets country western.

Find more information at:

Drugstore Gypsies’ Spotify playlist!


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