Friday Find #8 – Smithfield

Not to be confused with the packaged meat company (or the sports bar on W 25th Street), up-and-coming duo Smithfield is carving their own space in today’s country music industry.  As previously mentioned in this week’s #MondayHero post, country duos (like Brooks & Dunn) have long been an influential factor in the Nashville scene; however, the upbeat male-female characteristic of Smithfield’s country-pop environment and the soothing balance of Trey’s and Jennifer’s voices together make them one of the most refreshing acts in the industry.

Growing up in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas, both Trey Smith and Jennifer Fiedler were exposed to music at a young age.  While Trey’s musical influences include 90s rock bands and one of my all-time favorites as well, the Goo Goo Dolls, Jennifer’s musical inspiration stems more from traditional and 90s country music.  Being long-time family friends, back in 2011 they finally decided to combine their friendship with their shared passion for performing music by creating Smithfield, a country act with a splash of modern flavor.

Finding enormous success with their first major radio hit, 2017’s “Hey Whiskey”, Smithfield broke into the country music spotlight with a bang.  Currently playing shows across the nation and performing with one eight-song self-titled album under their belts, Jennifer and Trey are soaking up their recent successes while consistently working on new music.  Their latest single “When You’re Gone” is a sensual, love-drunk record best consumed with that special someone and a glass of Malbec (or two!).  

When they’re not performing the duo admits that they love traveling to new places, trying new cuisines and coffee, and binge watching The Office. Already having opened for acts such as Brothers Osborne, Scotty McCreery, Dustin Lynch, and Jana Kramer, this dynamic duet certainly has a bright 2018 ahead of them.

Check out Smithfield’s Spotify page, as well as their custom Rhythm & Boots NYC playlist.

Smithfield’s Featured Four:

  1. When You’re Gone” – As their brand new single, this song creates high hopes for Smithfield’s upcoming release.  Possibly one of their best and most widely-spun tracks to date, this song has all the funk and feeling you could possibly want in country pop.  Plus, the ironically delightful minor chords mixed in create a relieving diversion from the predictable country pop landscape.  Looking forward to hearing what’s next, T & J.
  2. Cooler” – When a song starts out with the sound of a bag of ice spilling into a cooler, you know it’s going to be a summer country anthem.  Slightly reminiscent of Little Big Town stirred up with Jake Owen on the rocks, this song’s lyrics and levity are perfect for any lake, river, or ocean.  Find your beach, and bring this song along with you when you do (plus your Yeti™ of course!).
  3. Nothing But The Night” – When you hear this song, you’ll be hooked on Smithfield.  By flawlessly combining Trey’s leading vocals with Jennifer’s harmony in Verse 1 and then with Jennifer leading the charge in Verse 2, this song is perfectly balanced both in the fader and in creative ability.  Summer evening anthem, coming right up!
  4. Hey Whiskey” – Undoubtedly their biggest hit so far, this song has received as much radio play as it has positive reviews.  Thanks to its delightfully misleading opening line, this song packs a surprising (yet relatable) punch.  Handle with care and drink responsibly, country fans.

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