Friday Find #18 – Montana Modderman

Western Michigan native Montana Modderman will soon add Music City to her list of hometowns, right below her first home in Grand Rapids and her current home in Bradenton, FL, a Gulf city about an hour south of Tampa where she’s been since the third grade.  After picking up the guitar at age thirteen it became a dream of hers to finally release her very own song, and last month that dream became a reality.

Just a few weeks ago Modderman debuted her first recorded single, “Didn’t Mean To”, a song which has already racked up an extraordinary 110k+ streams on Spotify since its release. The song, described by Modderman as an “unexpected love song”, is a poignant acoustic number that fits snugly into any summer country playlist in today’s landscape.

Modderman, who also frequently covers some of the industry’s biggest songs on YouTube with impressive poise and originality, has plans to move to Nashville in the near future and expand upon her passion for country songwriting and recording.

Modderman covering Kacey Musgraves’ latest radio hit “Space Cowboy” from 2018’s Golden Hour.

Until then, you can catch her spending the majority of her free time writing songs in her slippers and attending any Taylor Swift show that makes its way into her neighborhood.
Check out Montana’s latest single, “Didn’t Mean To”, and follow her YouTube and social pages below to witness all of her country covers and new singles!

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Backstage With Montana Modderman:

Rhythm & Boots NYC: It’s super exciting for your first single to be at 10k streams on Spotify. [The song has since made its way to 100k+ streams.] When did you first know you’d want to write, record, and release your own music?

Montana Modderman: Yes, so exciting and in less than one week. I’m so thankful. It has been a dream of mine to release one of my own songs ever since I was thirteen. Having “Didn’t Mean To” out and receiving so many positive responses is the best feeling. I’m very happy.

R&B NYC: Have you been playing instruments forever? At what age did you pick up the guitar and what would you say to others who want to learn an instrument but can’t find the time or motivation?

MM: I was thirteen years old when I started learning to play the guitar. I think the best advice I can give is to just practice and don’t compare yourself to other people who have been playing for much longer than you.

R&B NYC: If you could choose five words to describe the new single “Didn’t Mean To”, what would they be?

MM: I like to describe Didn’t Mean To as an “unexpected love song”.

R&B NYC: What can you tell us (if anything!) about what’s to come? Do you have plans to write and record more music in the near future?

MM: I’m always writing. I really want to release an EP. I have so many songs that I have written that I want to share with everyone. I have been asked about the potential of a music video for Didn’t Mean To. I have so many ideas for a video and I would love to make that happen soon.

R&B NYC: I saw you mentioned you were thinking about moving to Nashville. Can you tell us a little about the place you grew up in, and why Music City might be your next step?

MM: I was born in Grand Rapids, MI. My family and I moved to Bradenton, FL when I was in the third grade. Because my extended family all still lives up in Michigan. I feel like growing up I had two homes. Which is the coolest thing ever. In just a few weeks I will be adding Nashville, TN to my list of homes. I’m thrilled. I  cannot wait to be in Nashville. As far as music goes, I feel like Nashville is the place to be. There are so many incredible writers and artists in Nashville. I think moving to Nashville is really going to allow me to grow as an artist. I’m so excited.

R&B NYC: Growing up listening to country music, do you remember the first concert you ever went to? And are there any artists in particular that you just have to catch whenever they come around to play a show?

MM: My first country concert I’ve ever went to was Taylor Swift’s Speak Now Tour.  That was the first of many Taylor Swift concerts. As far as artists I can’t miss, she’s most certainly one of them. I try to get to as many concerts as I can. I’ve had the privilege of seeing Kelsea Ballerini, Kacey Musgraves, Maren Morris, Carly Pearce, RaeLynn, and so many more talented artists live.

R&B NYC: Last but not least, the official two-part question of Rhythm & Boots: What pair of shoes and instrument combination can you absolutely not live without?  Either presently, or of all-time, what are your favorite footwear and music-maker of choice?

MM: A pair of slip on sneakers and my guitar.


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