Flash Feature! Norwegian Americana Composite Licking the Moose Lights a Fire With First Album in Almost a Decade

Norway in the winter months sounds shadowy and frigid; the Americana group Licking the Moose, however, creates temperate, comforting folk harmonies that flicker a flame to illuminate even the most darkened of landscapes.

The new record by Licking the Moose (or LTM to friends and fans alike), titled The death of Henry Miller and many others, features twelve tracks that sonically span numerous decades of American popular music, carrying the listener seamlessly through the golden age of country, the origins of rock and roll, the neo-traditionalist country revival and of course even the modern Americana songwriting of today.

Recorded at ATHLETIC SOUND in Halden, Norway, a town roughly 70 miles southeast of Oslo near the Swedish-Norwegian border, LTM’s latest LP is a ballad-driven compilation of melodies lead by steadily-sculpted vocals and supported by everything from piano, guitar and even banjo, to brass, percussion and more. Henry Miller, fortified by songs that seem to transcend time and oceans all at once, is a nostalgic and persistent work of art brought forth by a group of musicians who are as much good friends as they are talented instrumentalists.

Referred to elsewhere as “a masterclass in country”, this latest record from Licking the Moose is a burdening reminder of how astonishingly glorious country-western music of a past time was…and still can be.  Give this album a listen as the days grow shorter and the nights grow colder and when you reach a point of a satisfying comfort in the music’s isolation, send some love to our friends in the cold, dark north.


The death of Henry Miller and many others was produced by Kai Andersen and Licking the Moose, engineered by K.A and Dag Erik Johansen, mixed by K.A, and mastered by Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studios, London.

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 2.23.09 PM

Listen to The death of Henry Miller and many others on Spotify here, and on Soundcloud here.

Plus, check out both the official recorded version and the country-refined remake of their latest single not on the record, “Stay in Heaven” below:


“Stay in Heaven” official:


“Stay in Heaven” (Howling at the Moon on a Porch version):

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