Flash Feature! Hear Kylie Trout’s Earnest Entrance to Country

Two weeks into the new year and Southern California native Kylie Trout is hitting the ground running. With the release of her first official single, “Wish It Was With Me”, Trout brings consistent class and composure to her song from all angles.

A heartful narration highlighted by steady strumming, precise picking, and carefully placed percussion, the song is an earnest admission of the main character’s true feelings and acts as Trout’s introductory admittance into country music.

A piano player by nature and a long-time fan of country music (citing heroes like Carrie Underwood and Toby Keith as some of her favorites), Trout’s musical preferences draw her to create music that sounds the way she would want to hear it.  An avid listener of alternative and contemporary R&B as well, she adds that different genres influence her to write musically in distinct ways, a process which is currently strengthened by her residence and friendships made in Riverside, CA.

“The area I live in gives off that small town vibe and I love it. There is a mixture of people here with many different personalities that I find very cool which gives me different ideas and perspectives to write about.”

Noticing a progression in the country music scene over the recent years Trout has been tediously sculpting her songwriting by overlaying more modern styles onto the sounds that she remembers growing up with, both from a young age and even more recently throughout her teenage years.

Spending the majority of her early childhood living in the agricultural city of Chino, California she was admittedly brought up on land surrounded by cattle and dairy farms, and raised on the area’s country music station, K-Frog. Passing the time driving around in her grandpa’s truck she remembers turning towards music as a healing mechanism and more specifically, a method of dealing with difficult times.

Referencing her debut single, which narrates the universal feeling of unreconciled love, Trout says that for her music is a way to speak honestly about her emotions. She continues: “[The song describes] one of the worst feelings in the world as humans, so I wrote this song not only to get things off my chest, but I also wanted to remind people in similar situations that they are not alone.”

“I turned to music… it is truly healing. This is why I want to be an influential artist who writes about situations that people can relate their hard times with.

“Wish It Was With Me”, the jealousy-stricken confession that Trout associates with loneliness and pain, brings to light her unique voice and although playing off of a more modern style, still shows inherent authenticity it its simple sounds and undisguised lyrics.

While this recent release is just the start of her journey, 2019 will be an adventurous year for Trout and her team. Hoping to have a full EP recorded and released by year’s end, she is beyond excited to share more stories with her consistently-growing fanbase and get closer to playing her dream stage at the Grand Ole Opry. For now, her honesty and poise will guide her through the start of her burgeoning career as a country singer, and make her an artist to look out for in the future.

Stream “Wish It Was With Me” on Spotify here, and read more about Kylie Trout on her Instagram account.

Kylie Trout’s rhythm & boots: “I could not live without my white slip-on Vans and my piano! “

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