Release Row – Don Brownrigg’s “Fireworks” Turns Small Sparks Into Big Blazes

For over a decade Canada-based songwriter Don Brownrigg has been prescribing healing, metaphysical folk sounds to listeners around the globe; his latest release, the Fireworks LP, delivers a double dose of thought-provoking pseudo-medicinal acoustic and flows calmly through the speakers with a velvety touch.

Steadily playing shows and festivals throughout Canada and the United States when he’s not writing or recording, Brownrigg channels ethereal sounds from the Canadian wilderness and perplexingly-fulfilling lyrics into songs that simultaneously strike a chord with the heart and ignite a spark in the mind.

Don Brownrigg’s latest record Fireworks is now available on all platforms.

The airy aesthetic, steadily supported by its reappearing acoustic guitar and piano combination and featuring cameos from horn and stringed complements, provides a warm and worldly musical environment for Brownrigg’s distant yet deeply-echoing vocals.

The music video for “Strum and Rhyme”, the first song on the album’s B-Side, is available now and features grainy footage of atmospheric landscapes paired with inter-forestal back roads. The song, which sounds futuristic while detailing experiences of the past and presents programmed sounds while pairing them with antiquated videography, is a wholesome embodiment of Brownrigg’s hypnotic power on the Fireworks LP, an album which defiantly reaffirms his creative prowess as a musician.

“Strum and Rhyme” features airy blends of instrumentation and vocal harmonies.

To listen to all of Fireworks and find out more about Don Brownrigg visit his website here and socials below.

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