Release Row – Dustin Bird Wakes Up to the Sound of Summer

An unconventional break-up song, Ontario-based Dustin Bird’s latest single “Wake Up” serves up summer night vibes even while the chilling temperatures of winter drag on. Driven by a shimmering radio-comfy chorus and verses that reminisce on past relationship charms, Bird’s new release recalls the “bad times [that] never looked so good” and spins the traditional heartache-heavy break-up song into a hopeful redemption call of nostalgic desire.

In contrast to the “Wake Up” predecessor “She Likes My Guitar”, Bird’s new single, which was released on all platforms March 1, shows the young artist’s dynamism in songwriting and post-production. Longing for a chance at a second chance, Bird’s latest relationship single was mixed and mastered by Grammy-award winning engineer duo F. Reid Shippen and Pete Lyman and feels more like a pop country summer romance novel than a break-up anthem sporting a wintry release.

“I wanted to communicate the grey area that is the feeling after a breakup. I think this is something that everyone goes through; you know exactly what you want, but the logical part of you knows it’s wrong…that’s the mood of ‘Wake Up’.”

Immediately and throughout, “Wake Up” shows a new, more upbeat side of 22-year-old Bird’s songwriting prowess and solidifies his place in pop country’s wave of rising stars as he prepares for the release of his upcoming full-length studio album later in 2019.

Catch up with Dustin Bird at his website here, and find him at his socials below!

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