Release Row – The Frost Duo’s “Not Your Time” Turns Darkness Into Light

A partially-musical partially-religious experience, “Not Your Time” is the most recent single released by LeahBeth Evans and Christian Gratz, collectively known as The Frost Duo.

The Frost Duo’s first single of 2019, “Not Your Time”.

Based out of central-eastern Pennsylvania, The Frost Duo channel an uplifting spirit and an inspirational message throughout the nearly six-minute song, vividly relating a story from sorrow to salvation.

Initially centered around self-doubt and loss, the acoustic-driven number provides harrowing lyrics over whistling winds and poignant chords to ultimately emphasize faith as a guide from the depths of an unhealthy state of mind.

“The songs inspiration came from vocalist of the group, LeahBeth Evans, when finishing up her bachelors degree in psychology. She came to find 3-4K people commit suicide each day worldwide.”

Through captivating lyrics and spellbinding songwriting the PA duet compellingly pushes mental health and suicide awareness further into its necessary spotlight with the new single “Not Your Time”. In writing a story that closely resembles the heart-wrenching narration from the almost-decade-aged Brad Paisley/Alison Krauss number “Whiskey Lullaby”, however, The Frost Duo instead look on the brighter side, creating a finale grounded in new beginnings instead of untimely burials.

Listen to The Frost’s “Not Your Time” on Spotify below or YouTube above and find them on Facebook here or at their website here.

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