Video Release — Tamara Maddalen Puts Her “Rearview” Into Perspective

**Exclusive U.S. Video Premiere**

Singer-songwriter Tamara Maddalen is back in the spotlight with new releases that valiantly hold their own in an otherwise strong and poised historical discography; the music video for Maddalen’s latest single, “Rearview”, is the most recent release from her upcoming third full-length record, Mint Green Mercury, set to debut later this year.

Teaming up with producer/engineer Justin Koop and filmmaker Michael Penney (Afterlight Films), Maddalen is releasing the “Rearview” video today exclusively with Rhythm & Boots NYC in the U.S. to join the already-premiered video for the record’s other single, “Fade Away”.

The “Rearview” music video, which features soothing outdoor scenery and a glimpse into the recording process at B-Town Sound in Burlington seamlessly showcases Maddalen’s past and present together in one cohesive edit.

Following her self-titled and Feeling Pretty LP records released in the late ‘90s, modern day Maddalen has a natural ability to narrate events and emotions through pulsing rhythms and gliding harmonies.

“Writing Rearview came really fast. I was plucking something on my guitar, then moved it to the piano and it all came together within minutes.  The music came first and ventured naturally where it needed to melodically. The concept of the Rearview came as I hummed along and the versus flooded through….[The pedal steel guitar] created this nostalgia that perfectly reflects the sentiment of the song so we are pretty proud of the orchestration….It takes you on a journey, if you let it,” explains Maddalen.

“Rearview” represents new beginnings. Turning nostalgia into history, the song cooly describes the necessity to move on and accept the past as the past. Pairing creative and inspiring vocal melodies with steady percussion and ambient instrumental sections, the latest single from MGM is a jam from start to finish.

“Letting go is never easy and it’s a struggle to move forward and grow. That requires a lot of hard work to get to a place where you can look back but not go backwards,” Maddalen says. “[The “Rearview”] video paints the story of my past and present in parallel.

“Many miles of road ahead // Try not to get overwhelmed…
I know I’ll be seeing you // In my rearview…”

“Life is art and art is life and this is true for my songwriting.  [My] music has evolved over time [and] I’ve become more experimental instrumentally with the production of each album….It’s rooted in good ol’ rock and roll, R&B, country and pop fundamentals that allow [for] exploration. At the core of the music is honest songwriting and storytelling drawn from Truth; it’s what resonates with me and what I connect with from other artists who inspire me to write like I do.”

The single’s cover art, which shows Maddalen’s caricature complacently lounging on the rearview mirror over a mint green background seems to pay homage to the Mint Green Mercury album title. The song, with its reflective verses and liberated harmonies, feels like it plays a pivotal role on the upcoming album due out later this year.

To catch up with Maddalen, stream the rest of her music, and watch the recent “Rearview” video, find her at the below links.
Website // Spotify // Apple Music // Soundcloud // YouTube

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