Flash Feature! Seasoned Strummer Whitebeard Shows Grit and Glimmer On New Record

Alan Curtis Ediger, more colloquially known as Whitebeard, is a seasoned veteran of musicianship. Having headlined close to one thousand shows over the past few decades as the lead singer of Canadian AC/DC cover band Whole Lotta Angus, Ediger has released solo records under the name Alan Curtis and even more recently under the moniker, “Whitebeard”.

Leaving behind the electrified power chords Whitebeard spontaneously mixes elements of folk, country, rock, and even piano pop into his latest solo project, the eight-song record, Plaid Is the New Black.

Referred to as his “Nashipeg” album, Plaid Is the New Black was a project of more than eight years in the making and recorded half in Nashville, TN while the other half was recorded at Private Ear Studios in Winnipeg, Manitoba. A native of Canada, Whitebeard is no stranger to the festival circuit and throughout his career has played acoustic shows to crowds of a few hundred and full band shows to several thousand, and everything in between.

The latest single, “Paris”, from Whitebeard’s latest album.

From the Elton John reminiscent, bubbly piano melodies on “Sometimes” to steady, measured acoustic guitars on “Tender” and candid lyrics on the latest single “Paris’, Whitebeard’s latest record shows a versatility in songwriting and production that can be attributed to an impressive career in live musicianship and a true love for sound.

To find out more about Whitebeard and to stream his music, visit the sites below.

Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Spotify // Apple Music // Soundcloud // YouTube

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